Friday, June 28, 2013

Torres celebrates the second goal for Spain

Game cheat, very illusion. In all, in feelings, in result and it came to football itself. It was blamed for everything, but especially the temperature. An infernal heat and killer humidity led to think about the exact situation of Spain: classified or yes, or yes first and then to put the brakes all was one. Much more if a brutal start Jordi Alba (boot alone would remain throughout the meeting) gave an advantage to the champions, who saw it all done.

Nigeria, apparently seen, did what no. Neither cerrojazo or anything resembling it. Three types above, pure strikers and push and move the ball until the body would hold. And as his body was twice that of the Spanish, the game got real ugly.

With the game that Spain if it stops and starts to walk has it worse than bad. Nigeria was broken, but he did not. Spain was broken into two, or three, and that was a mess because of Del Bosque if they do not play together are suffering. Sure bet that was a risk Africans exaggerated. They had two or three but in return for Spain came twice times.

If not settled the match in those minutes was because the soldier had almost always: shooting the doll again and again, to spoil the shot to suit both the coat of guerra.En normal conditions, that would go 5-2 or 4 - 1 to break, but the party was abnormal shock, far from what is usually seen in this kind of event.

Spain not only spun on the counter, in an unknown football. Nigeria came because his opponent did not have the ball (case even stranger) and the game was played in unfamiliar terrain for champions. Yes, at all times had the feeling that if the situation or the right time would have required something more to the Spanish, they would have responded with the exact forcefulness, but it was not. Nigeria, messy, chaotic, joyful, contagious lack of control and the continuous tide which was played on the same shock threatened to be one or the other.

Needless to say that it was misleading. Hardly Spain would play well against Italy and less against Brazil, more required in a party from liability for any two fronts. However, it touched yesterday was a false commitment, friendly sort of puddled both Spanish team.

Still, if anyone deserved break the shock was Spain, who threw the post and had three one on one I should have left the eagles with broken beak and wings clipped.

If the meeting had wearily played in the first part, the second is completely stopped. They walked all like never suffocated by the heat, which left them with camel trot and staring.

The good news for Spain is that Nigeria was not at all, and between Spain and Nigeria without lungs without air, Del Bosque had the upper hand. They kept taking more chances, but increasingly, each other unable to step forward and if so many behind.

Needless to say that none of this had to Jordi Alba, a marvel not only physical, but of attitude and courage in all that was his band and what was not his side.

Del Bosque maneuvered with wisdom and good eye, very waist tactics. She put poison Silva to give up (dizzy Cesc) and Torres stuck to equip the soldier had not. And it was come and kiss the saint. The combination Pedro Silva finished with a left-handed center who finished in iron Barcelona Torres.

Almost end of the story because Nigeria did not give more of himself and Spain, with much more serenity and tranquility in his game went to sleep the game, even more than it was.

To make matters worse, the few times that the Africans had wasted an incredible naivete, ratifying what had already hinted at in the first part, you have a lot of physical and no evil. Spain won with some comfort, but with excessive wear.